Hackham West R-7 SchoolHackham West R-7 School

Hackham West R-7 School is the foundation for; A community of learners, Inquiring minds & Positive thinkers. We live and work with the motto High Standards for today and into the future! At Hackham West we support students to enact our school values of Learning, Teamwork,Honesty, Responsibility & Respect.   

Hackham West is a school with a strong sense of community. We have 5 classes and provide opportunities for all students to access intensive support for their learning needs. Our current programs are: Jolly Phonics reception – year 3, Words their Way year 4 – year 7, Mini Lit & Multi Lit, Quick Smart Numeracy & iMaths. These programs are being developed and implemented across the school to ensure all students learning is targeted to their individual levels.

We also have many outdoor learning areas which the children can access throughout the day to learn life skills and enjoy being outdoors. There is a large garden and fruit tree orchard, chickens, sometimes other animals and a nature play area.

All students and parents are welcomed at Hackham West and quickly become part of our community. We welcome parent involvement through assemblies, volunteering, parent groups, community events and open days. We also encourage students to share their learning at home through various forms of media and take home packs.

 Hackham West is a hidden treasure, there is more than you expect when you come through the door.


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